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Role Number
No. Of Students
No. Of Classrooms
No. of Teachers & Staff
No. Washrooms
No. Other Rooms Like Gym, Entracnce Area, Canteen etc
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To Get Started Estimated Requirements

Hand Sanitiser Stations Initial Install
Hand Sanitiser Floor Stands Initial Install
Pack of Wipes
Teachers Visors
Disposable Face Masks Box of 50
Foot Operated Pedal Bins
Reusable Face Masks
Hand Soap 5Ltr
Hand Sanitiser 5Ltr
Personal Hand Sanitiser 100ml Size
Box of 200 Gloves
Hand Held Thermometers
Desking Screens
Floor Signs
Other Signage

Estimated Ongoing Weekly Requirements

Wipes: Pack 160 wipes or 2 x 80 Wipes per week
Disposable Face Masks: 2 Boxes of 50 per Classroom per Week
Gloves: 2 Box of 100 per Classroom per week
Sanitiser: 10 uses per Student & Staff per Day of 2ml = Total Ltr Per Week
Handsoap: 1 x 5Ltr per Washroom per week
Personal Hand Sanitser 100ml's per week